Your Tesla is at the edge. How about your care?

Great cars from the company Volvo are designed in our neighbor country Sweden. They are famous for their pioneering safety solutions. Anyway when it comes to autopiloting on the road the most passionate pioneer is considered to be Tesla.

When I drive a Tesla along the long and straight roads in the Finnish countryside I use the autopilot function. When a reindeer is suddenly rushing from the darkness to the road the car doesn’t send the information from its sensors to a cloud and wait the calculation to happen there. It’s because of the delay induced by the data transfer. All the calculation made to perform an optimal movement to prevent the collision is done at the edges of the cloud. Meaning that it is done offline and in the car itself.

We have an analogue situation in healthcare: Fortunately AI is becoming a crucial part of healthcare. Helping for example doctors to analyze all the relevant patient data and make more accurate diagnosis. In some circumstances time isn’t a critical factor. For example AI can interpret an MRI scan for hours and we don’t mind. But when it’s about time critical care even seconds count.

When the servers are down we still want the AI algorithms to be used for the benefit of a patient. As the calculation is made locally the data has to be available also locally. And this is where Megical NFC-based technology is once again worth it. Patient’s critical care data has to be always at hand. Like in the car. You won’t ruin the poor reindeer’s day with a Tesla. Neither should a network mallfunction ruin a day of a patient in a hospital.

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