When flying was cool

I met my co-founder and colleague Mika on a flight from Helsinki to Milan, Italy. That was back in the days when it was cool to fly. And at that time it was even possible to fly to Italy for a weekend getaway. Anyway, instead of traditional business man meets business man in the plane, we were sitting in the cockpit. Mika was the captain of the flight and I was the co-pilot. We were flying first time together and got nicely along as we talked about risk management in aviation. We had same kind of thoughts how it should be developed. And before we landed back to Helsinki the decision was made: We would start a software company to make aviation even more safe than it was.

So we started with risk management in aviation and were quite happy with our concept. Then quite fast after starting the company two things happened: Mika experienced a serious malpractice in his family and the other thing was that a friend asking us: Nice concept you have but isn’t aviation already maybe the safest industry in the whole world? Why try to make that better as the impact would anyway be quite low? Neighbor one, Megical zero. We understood that it really is healthcare that needs this kind of solutions more than aviation. So we moved to the field of healthcare.

Last two years of my pilots career in long-haul traffic I flew between Asia and US, Helsinki being the base. So I have been flying from a smart city to another, landed many times safely to gusty New York, San Francisco and Chicago for example. The fact that in addition to engineering background me and my co-founder CEO Mika are having strong and safety critical operational background, has helped us to relate to the safety culture in healthcare.

Soon Megical is coming out with a breakthrough in productivity for digital care delivery. One better healthcare, coming up!

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