Sexy way of mobile authenticating in healthcare

In 2018 we started developing for example a pioneering mobile anesthesia report and elderly care applications and run into couple of challenges. And those challenges turned out to be global show stoppers for healthcare to become digital in the sense of usability we are used to deal with outside hospitals.

As we know, the dark side of the internet is filled with patient information. And one of the biggest reasons for this is the lack of appropriate way of authentication. Many countries and many systems use just username and password. So for criminal purposes, it is enough just jo hack that information. And according to various sources, more than half of the illegal patient data crimes could be prevented just by starting to use strong authentication.

And what the word ”strong” means here, is basically the fact that besides the username and password, you also need some kind of physical object owned by you, to make the authentication happen. Like when using credit card: in addition to knowing the pin code you also need to have the card.

Mobile devices are the most agile platform for our customers. And as for example an anesthesia report includes high level patient information concerning for example medication, the healthcare personnel have to authenticate themselves before they start using the software. For example here in Finland we have a fantastic way of authenticating strongly when using a desktop in healthcare. And actually this kind of developed system is in use in many EU countries also. Problem is that it is available for desktops only with a card reader and other complicated details in it.

So the doctor has a professional identity card with an NFC chip. He puts the card to a reader, types his pin code and that’s it. Strong and quite fast. Problem is that this was not available for any mobile device without any clumsy dongles attached. So we developed the solution using the same kind of contactless technology as is in use in mobile paying. Megical customers only have to touch the mobile device with their personnel card, tap the pin code and voilá. Now they can use for example the mobile EHR software with the same security level as they have used it with their desktops.

This part of the Megical One Platform is serving any mobile software to authenticate their professional users in healthcare. Not just our applications. Megical!

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