Megical makes safe care easy.

Safety is recreated every time.

From aviation to health care

Megical’s roots are in aviation, a sector that has been a forerunner for decades in safety culture and practices. Megical knows aviation inside out, and on a principal level the procedures are based on the functionally proven world of aviation safety.

Recognized usability

The Megical tools represent the latest know-how in technology and usability. Furthermore, they have been tailored to perfectly suit the work of the most experienced professionals in health care.

Authentication — [your brand] Easy Access

By setting the reporting threshold lower than ever before and by multiplying the number of occurrence reports we ensure that the treatment happens as planned.

Treatment protocols are verified with a checklist

Megical Zero creates the rigid core of quality and patient safety. Treatment is realized as planned with every patient. A checklist is a dismissive term when talking about Megical Zero’s features. The content of Megical Zero is tailored for every unit and treatment procedure. Surgeon-specific tailoring is also possible, and our customers have already taken this into use. The mobile tool ensures that treatment happens as planned. At the same time Zero collects a massive amount of data, opening the eyes of managers and directors in the Megical analyzing tool.

The new era of occurrence reports and analysis

A search engine-like, easy and fast way to report occurrences. Continuous improvement happens when information about even the smallest disturbances regarding treatment quality are compiled into an illustrative presentation. With this, the unit managers and directors can react to potential challenges. Megical Zero also offers feedback about what is going notably well on the care pathways.

Works without a network connection

Megical tools work in the most demanding conditions, both physically and digitally. Even the most high-quality networks suffer from occasional downtime. Megical Zero users won’t detect a potential malfunction in the network connection. The software keeps operating without a hitch and transfers the data to the server once the connection is back up.

Quick start without integration

When aiming to maximize kickoff speed and easy implementation, everything begins without integration to other systems. Megical Zero offers advanced features as a stand-alone product. In the dashboard, the success of care protocols is represented as a whole, both statistically and patient-specifically. Megical Zero is also adept at communicating with an EHR, opening interesting opportunities. As a process, treatment has never been this transparent.

In the core of quality

Fast and cost-efficient transformation. No integration, intuitively easy to take into use. A tool with which the reporting threshold can be lowered to the ground, multiplying the amount of occurrence reports made by health care professionals. The amount of information is not crucial – the change made possible by the information is. Bigger problems can be avoided by reacting to weak signals, emerging trends and minor deviations. This is not possible by intuition. Hard data is needed to support experience and know-how.

Ensure that treatment happens exactly as planned. Show concrete data of each patient’s care pathway. For the first time, a visual and factual view can be shown on a computer or mobile screen, providing information about the process-relevant success of each patient’s treatment. Megical Zero works even with the occasional downtime on your network connection.

By customer request we can ensure that Megical-produced occurrence reports can also be viewed on the customer’s current reporting system. This, even though unnecessary in the long run, has made deployment easier especially for our public sector customers.

Easy Access

In numbers

10x Number of reports
10s Creating a report
-70% Time spent on report handling

A mobile patient record — Megical One

Forget paper forms and the hard-to-use medical record forms of medical data systems. The right data, in the right place, in the right time – the mobile medical record is a pleasure to use.

Easy identification of staff and patients

With Megical products, the patient can be identified via all methods of modern technology: the products work with barcodes, QR codes and NFC wristbands, among others. Existing ways can be applied or new methods introduced. For staff identification we recommend quick contactless technologies. The features of smart cards can be applied in a multiple of ways, or customer-specific chip solutions can be provided. The combination of a user ID and password is not recommended for usability reasons, but it can be taken into use if required.

A patient record with individual support

Even though the principles are the same, each unit has their own way of executing care protocols. It’s important that the content of the tools adapts to user requirements, and not the other way around. Megical One’s content is tailored to suit the habits of every customer. We listen to responsible persons and, most importantly, healthcare professionals with a keen eye. With the aid of its database, Megical can also offer ready-made solution models for content basis.

Eye-opening concreteness

Megical data is presented to managers and directors via a novel analysis tool that can be used on big office screens and on mobile phones while on the road. All data from patient records, checklists and occurrence reports are connected with each individual patient. The view over treatment success has never been this clear before – both statistically and on an individual level. Megical can be integrated with other systems so that e.g. PROM data can be utilized in proportion with treatment success.

The flow of continuous development

With Megical One, managers and directors are led towards improved operations with the aid of concrete, visually presented results. All actions are documented, and follow-up is effortless. With Megical One, controlling and managing quality and safety is efficient and inspiring.

Works without a network connection

Megical One is integrated with an EHR. In the case of a network malfunction, patient records can be used normally. Once the connection is back online, the patient record sends the required information to the background systems. Regarding patient records, a network failure does not affect work in e.g. an operating room. For those who appreciate perfectly solid flow of information in the most extreme situations, Megical One and Megical Wallet form an invincible pair. This way a hospital can be operated even if there is no network connection available at all.

Patient records that support operations

We raise the usability of an EHR on to a whole new level. The integration professionals at Megical take care of all the required data transfers between your EHR and Megical. After this you’ll have the world’s most reliable and and easy-to-use patient records at your use. With effortless entering of treatment-specific data, a lot of work time can be saved. Nevertheless, the focus is on ensuring safety and treatment quality.

Megical One ensures that all background information is taken into account and does not allow for deviating from the path of optimal treatment. All the features of Megical zero are part of the package, including offline functionality.

Megical One

In numbers

0 Paper
No Double-entries
Full Integration

Seamless flow of information — Megical Wallet

A secure way of ensuring that all treatment-relevant information is always available. Even when other systems or networks are down.

The reliability of paper with the security of a credit card

Megical Wallet replaces the paper backups of medical data. Previously collected, treatment-critical data flows effortlessly with each patient. Megical Wallet transfers the data in a secure way if e.g. different treatment units cannot transfer data between one and another. Inside a hospital or in more demanding situations, a flexible NFC-chipped patient wristband is used.

Only the data owner can open access to data

If you trust bank and credit cards, you can trust Megical Wallet’s data security. The difference being that in under no circumstances can the Wallet data be accessed without a personal PIN code. The card owner can decide case-by-case if they want to utilize the Wallet data during treatment. If the patient so permits, the data is used during hospital care. When signing out of a Megical hospital, a patient receives their updated data on their card.

A durable and ecological smart card

Not everyone wants to carry their data on wristbands, smart watches or rings. For these people we offer a physical Megical Wallet “credit card”, made of elegant stainless steel. Instead of banking, the card receives deposits in the form of medical data. The data can, according to one’s own decision, be shared with health care units, plus it can be accessed in an illustrative form with one’s own mobile device. In a special situation the critical ICE information can be accessed quickly and wirelessly.

Seamless flow of information

Often a patient receives treatment in various health care units, even in short term. Despite all development, perfect flow of data between different units is not yet commonplace. Megical Wallet ensures that all the required data is securely available wherever the patient is. They get to decide whether their data is stored on an elegant stainless steel “credit card” or a thin silicon wristband. During larger hospital care e.g. surgical operations the wristband can be used along the care path.

Whatever the product, the data remains secure. Only the patients themselves can use a PIN code to share their data with their preferred units. Never has the most important treatment-specific data been transferred as securely and safely as with Megical Wallet.

Megical Wallet

In numbers

1 Card
All The patient data
Without Risking security

Everyday success — Megical Care

Solid transparency for successful care at nursing homes. You choose how openly and widely you wish to utilize the information.

Transparent view over successful routines

Megical Care makes sure that the planned routines are successfully repeated for every resident. Successful care is ensured with the help of mobile devices with which nurses can secure the execution of individual care plans. Occurrences are reported as easily as with Megical Zero. While the product ensures the execution of care, it also offers a concrete general view, both statistically and from the perspective of an individual resident.

Focus on first-rate everyday life for the residents

Megical Care is aware of the daily and weekly routines for every resident. The primary point of view is on successful everyday life. The staff can report even on the smallest quality deviations or problems, quickly and effortlessly. For managers and directors, Megical Care offers solid transparency for daily successful care. Any challenges are brought into the light in a concrete way to enable continuous improvement.

Possibility for sharing information with relatives

The situational awareness of managers and directors is tangible and solid. It is up to each unit to decide what kind of information they wish to share with the families of the residents. Megical Care shares the agreed information in its specified proportion to each individual family member’s mobile device.

Pleasant and safe everyday life

At your use is a mobile tool that ensures continuous quality of care. This results in secure, high-quality execution of the daily routines of nursing home residents. The focus is on the quality of life – but Megical also takes care of any possible medications. The transparency of the success of care is solid. Information about the flow of daily routines can be shared with e.g. the residents’ families.

You choose how openly and widely you wish to utilize information. In any case, Megical Care makes sure that the view over what’s happening in a nursing home is tangible, both statistically and on an individual level.

Megical Care

In numbers

10x Number of reports
Complete Transparency
Zero Harm to patient