Megical touches us all.

Megical makes the steps of leading the care paths concrete. Successful care is teamwork at its best. Megical serves all the players involved.


Systems that disrupt the fluency of work are detrimental to work quality and can at worst reduce motivation. Megical’s products free up time for interacting with the client and concentrating on the actual care work.

Often the managers of healthcare units tell that their systems are in order and no changes are required. But when the focus shifts from conversations to the actual day-to-day care work, a discrepancy arises: the systems and tools exist, but their usability is weak. A constant battle with even the simplest entries and reports reduces inspiration and motivation with regards to exceling in one’s work. Despite of repeated pleas, no improvements seem to take place. Tools with weak usability can at worst cause a decline in the sense of value in one’s work: how can I do my best – let alone improve in my work – when time and energy are constantly being trickled to the wrong direction?


The Megical product family serves nurses in the following areas:


  • Contactless logging in with the smartcard
  • Occurrence reporting in 10 seconds
  • Personal and mobile patient record that supports work routines
  • Checklists created according to care
  • Seamless transition of medical data
  • Works without a network connection


Today, a significant amount of the time that should be spent with interacting with the patient is consumed by reporting into different systems. For example, occurrence reporting with traditional tools takes up so much time that doctors consider their time to be more valuable in actual patient work. The complexity of occurrence reporting has eventually led into a situation where reports by doctors are typically underrepresented compared to other occupations.

With the Megical concept, occurrence reporting only takes approximately 10 seconds. Furthermore, the data is automatically analyzed, which means that valuable time is always directed towards relevant matters. Hospitals that use Megical get an unprecedently precise view of the defects that appear at doctors’ appointments. At best, the increase of information leads – via improvement of work conditions and processes – to enhanced quality and safety. Ultimately also the patient benefits from improved flow of information.


The Megical product family serves doctors in the following areas:


  • Seamless transition of medical data
  • Occurrence reporting in 10 seconds
  • Works without a network connection


Anesthesiologists appreciate a smooth flow in all operations. One can often run into an anesthesiologist outside of operational pathways, taking part in various projects that contribute to the development of healthcare processes. The worlds of Megical and anesthesiologists usually connect seamlessly. The latter can ensure the realization of their protocols with Megical’s help, and benefit from the possibility of quick occurrence reporting. Megical offers anesthesiologists an opportunity to create content that caters to the needs of their own patient work in the best possible way, accurately tailored to their own preferences. Ensuring quality and safety does not mean making work more complicated – instead, it allows for the possibility to constantly achieve top results.


The Megical product family serves anesthesiologists in the following areas:


  • Personal and mobile patient record that supports work routines
  • Checklists created according to care
  • Seamless transition of medical data
  • Occurrence reporting in 10 seconds
  • Contactless logging in with the smartcard
  • Works without a network connection


The masterful work between the opening incision and the final closing is formed in the preparation phase. The patient is helped on their way to a swift recovery by doing all the post-operational things exactly right.

Surgeons are lucky for not having to fight a constant battle against systems with weak usability. A considerable amount of their work hours is spent in actual operating work. However, frustration can lie in the processes that precede the opening incision: misplaced tools, missing MRI’s and X-rays, contradictory prescriptions, etc. Megical ensures the best possible basis for a surgeon to succeed.


The Megical product family serves surgeons in the following areas:


  • The possibility for a surgeon-specific checklist
  • Ensuring the success of pre-operational preparation
  • Ensuring the success of post-operational recovery
  • Solid records of all operational measures

Managers and directors

The operational manager hands out responsibilities to the employees, while trying to steer operations by e.g. making resource decisions. The problem is that a complete, focused picture of the operational whole is difficult to perceive. The organization ends up recruiting outsiders to come up with timestamps from dated systems and trying take individual snapshots of how the managed process really works.

Managers’ time is spent on manual handling and classifying of occurrence reports. The perception is that the return on investment is often unsatisfactory. It is of course beneficial to read reports, but the actual development ends up being slow. This, at worst, results in a negative spiral where the amount of occurrence reports keeps on decreasing, which in turn results in a halted flow of information that would be crucial to a good safety culture.

Megical offers managers a comprehensive but concise view of the situation of their managerial responsibilities. The work processes are clearly defined, and they can be monitored and developed. Automatically analyzed occurrence reports save time. The manifold increase in occurrence reports with Megical does not equal increased time spent on handling the reports. On the contrary, the time is remarkably decreased.


The Megical product family serves managers and directors in the following areas:


  • A concrete view of the treatment success in responsible areas
  • A manifold increase in occurrence reports
  • Minimizing patient injuries
  • Process development based on facts
  • Credible reports for the company management
  • Ensuring flow of patient data across areas of responsibility

Patients and their relatives

In hospitals that use Megical, the patients and their relatives can rest assured that the treatment is realized as planned – also if the hospital’s network connections are down for some reason.

The patients trust their health in the hands of relevant professionals, but the same cannot be said about systems and procedures. Medical data ends up in the wrong hands or does not move at all. The networks of large hospitals are down every now and then; “no effect on patient safety” reads the headline in a newspaper. A dentist’s appointment system has repeatedly to be shut down halfway through the day as the system is jammed. And when patients are transferred from one unit to another, their MRI scans might follow them on a compact disc as there is no other way of transfer.

In Finnish health care – at least for now – the clients’ perception of patient safety is at a high level, almost regardless of the service provider. Despite the unfortunate incidents of malpractice that surface every now and then, the people trust nurses and doctors. To be able to excel in their work time after time, even the most skilled professionals need well-functioning premises, tools, procedures and work culture. The use of software should aid in applying the best protocols and to seamlessly adapt as part of the practices of the healthcare team.

A patient craves for peace of mind. At its most concrete this means that one can relax and count down from 10, momentarily handing over the control of their body to the safe hands of top professionals.


The Megical product family serves patients and relatives in the following areas:


  • Treatment is realized as planned
  • Treatment-relevant information flows seamless through the whole care pathway
  • Megical hospitals constantly develop their quality
  • Treatment in Megical hospitals is transparent
  • Doctors and nurses have access to the best quality tool on the market