Bringing Black box to healthcare

Why is it so safe to fly?

We know well the curve that shows how aviation has become as safe as it is. And we also know the biggest reason to this success story. Simulators, better planes and standard operating procedures have had a big role in aviation but the biggest thing is FDM, Flight Data Monitoring. So we are talking about the famous black boxes but not in the sense that they are investigated once they are found from the bottom of an Ocean. More importantly their data is analyzed after, or actually during every flight. So the system analyzes huge amount of parameters every second and the success story becomes from that data. That is the data that forms the evolution of the planes, training and operating procedures.

According an urban legend a director of flight operations in a flag carrier airline fell of from his chair when he was shown first time what the pilots were doing with the planes. ”Is this true? Is this how we fly the planes!?” His eyes were opened. And this is the tipping point after which the managing of the whole process of flying really became possible. And this is the agenda we wanted to bring to healthcare: to gather and analyze process data during the care. We had noticed that in healthcare instead of black boxes one could find plenty of serious black holes of information.

As healthcare still is more or less people orientated industry, there is no chance to apply same kind of automated methods that are used in airplanes. So we started increasing the process data flow using the most simple and effective tools used by pilots: checklists and occurrence reporting.  The combination is called Megical Zero. Checklists are customized for every customer, operation type or even for a specific surgeon. The Megical checklists are running in a mobile device and collecting data all the time they are being used. Instead of just running through the list, the operating personnel creates a huge amount of automated and useful information at the same time.

So we had a fantastic checklist application. What we combined with that was the pioneering and HIMMS-Elsevier awarded occurrence reporting tool. We used search-engine-kind-of concept which allows the personnel to report an occurrence in less than ten seconds instead of the traditional and time-consuming ”find-a-computer-log-in-and-type-once-again-the-same-occurrence-that-happens-every-week” -concept. This product of Megical led to more than ten times more reports than before. And which was even more useful was that the time used for analyzing the data was reduced because of our automated analyzes tool.

So now our customers could make sure the care protocols are executed as planned in every section of the care path. And if there happened to be some kind of occurrences or quality-hazards, personnel could report with an exceptionally low threshold. And which was even better was the fact that as they executed the care protocols according to the checklists, they gathered huge amount of information that could help the leaders develop their processes. And soon our happy customers started asking us for more software that they would love to use. So in the next story I will show you how the experienced challenges made us develop a new pioneering product to the core of healthcare.

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