Quality and safety touch us all.

Health-related successes and failures stir up emotions. Only the highest quality is good enough for us.

Feet on the ground, head in the clouds

Roots in the air

Megical’s roots are firmly planted in the air. Mika Pyyhtiä and Jussi Kajovaara began their collaboration in the cockpit of an airplane on the way to Milan. Captain Pyyhtiä and first officer Kajovaara shared a burning desire, also based on personal experiences, to make a surgical operation as safe as a regular European evening flight. By the time the Airbus was landing back in Helsinki, the decision to launch Megical was made.

Taking off

Megical’s meaningful mission has attracted the best professionals in the business to our team. Our products are used by Finland’s most advanced health care units, on private and public sectors. Megical’s offices are in the center of Helsinki, looking over the Central Railway Station. We are currently a growing team of over 10 people, working daily towards care pathways that are safer than ever before.

The story of aviation safety is a success story like no other. The number of accidents compared with the number of operations is extremely low. Megical is familiar with this story of success and offers tools for the health care sector for establishing a functional safety culture. Treatment should happen as planned – for every patient.

A leap of quality in health care

Health care professionals can focus on succeeding in the work. The tools and methods aid in constantly reaching top results. The best possible basis is ensured to make each operation a success. Upon making the opening incision, a surgeon can rest assured that all preparations have been made in the best possible way. As the patient is counting down from 10, they can relax and hand over the control of the situation to the hands of top professionals. Sufficient information about the treatment is shared with the patient and their family.

All this has no technological barriers. However, a culture cannot be transformed in a minute. Megical ensures that our clients can take a leap of development in quality and safety.

Top professionals aim for meaningful jobs.

The Megical team can pick the best from the bunch. Our skilled staff consists of accomplished professionals with a possibility and a burning desire to do things that have an impact on the society. In addition to healthcare software development, we are experts in information security, service design and automatic data analysis.

Mika Pyyhtiä


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Chief Medical Officer

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Test Engineer

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International Sales Director

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