We make safe care easy.

Affordable Easy Access™ to all healthcare data

One simple solution for a healthcare provider to access patient data, execute workflows and sign electronic prescriptions. All clinical work can be handled through a single high-security cloud platform. 

Usernames and passwords are history

The illegal market of stolen patient data is huge. In October 2020 FBI, CISA and HHS warned about “imminent cybercrime threat to US hospitals and healthcare providers”. According to researches up to 99,9 percent of these data crimes could be avoided just by using multi-factor authentication (MFA) with secure cloud solutions.

Physical card readers are yesterday

There are two options to comply to all EU & USA regulations to achieve high security for electronic patient data:

1. Yesterday’s hardware intensive, difficult to use and expensive option
2. Today’s contactless, easy-to-use and affordable option

How Easy Access™ makes your login and signature easy and affordable today?

Contactless access to any software in an easy and secure way

  • Pay-per-use (per authentication, prescription or signature)
  • Continue using your existing software
  • Design your own white label healthcare solution with Megical
  • Patent pending EU (EP20201027.8) & USA (US 16/658,578)

Secure access service edge (SASE)

Megical provides an end-to-end secure communication channel between people, apps and services.

  • All data is protected from end-to-end
  • Authentication only by using high-security smart card, physical or virtual
  • All applications with single Easy Access™

Megical Easy Access™

Affordable and secure channel to all healthcare data.


  • Easy and secure login and signature
  • No physical card readers
  • For mobile devices and desktops


  • For iOS, Android and browser-based
  • For personal and shared devices
  • Prescribing medicine

Secure Audit Trail™ for all patients

Interoperability and data availability are guaranteed with Megical Audit Trail™.

Critical patient data always at hand

Megical Audit Trail™ ensures that patient data is always available and up-to-date.

  • All critical data travels physically with the patient
  • High-security for all data
  • All the data is accessed only with Megical Easy Access™

Care continuity for patient safety

Megical Audit Trail™ for professional use in demanding conditions.

  • Emergency medical services
  • Time critical clinical pathways (surgery, cardiac arrest, intensive care units)
  • High-impact elderly care

Megical on surgical carepaths

20 137 Operations
114 781 Audit trails
0 Claims

Easy Access™ and Audit Trail™ for high-security and increased efficiency

HIMSS-Elsevier Technology Award 2019
Easy and secure login and signature
For iOS, Android and browser-based
For personal and shared devices
For mobile devices and desktops
Cloud service with bank-level security
No physical card readers
Empathic and professional customer service

Top professionals aim for meaningful jobs.

The Megical team has the possibility to choose. Our skilled staff consists of accomplished professionals with a possibility and a burning desire to do things with an impact on the society.

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Megical – already globally recognized

HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Technology Award 2019 for Megical customer with title “Safety culture reborn by implementing Megical platform”