Start caring again.

The reliable intelligent care platform

Care and treatment in Megical hospitals are carried out as intended. Hospitals that use Megical have access to a vastly larger amount of information regarding quality and safety trends when compared to traditional units. With the aid of Megical, the units can evolve faster than others and avoid unnecessary patient injuries. Top quality health care is also transparent.

Successful treatment – as planned

In hospitals that use Megical, each healthcare professional, manager and patient can rest assured that every treatment is executed as planned – even if the hospital’s data networks are down.

Clear transparency in action

Transparency is a rising megatrend in health care. It’s easy to deliver a transparent view on one’s operation. Anyway, a precondition is that the organization first has a clear picture of their own operation as a whole. Being transparent is just to deliver a valid amount of openness to the public.

Seamless flow of information – even in demanding conditions

Megical offers solutions for transferring all the relevant information through the most demanding clinical pathways. From the scene of an accident to first aid, from the operating room to the recovery ward, and eventually to anywhere the patient is active after treatment. All this works also without a network connection.

Peace of mind across carepaths

Megical products free up valuable time for patient interaction and actual care work. In Megical hospitals, every healthcare professional, manager and patient can rest assured that the treatment is executed as planned.

Megical is for everyone, whatever their role.

Megical ensures that the conditions and preparation are in order for healthcare professionals to perform at their highest level. Safety is the quality of the most essential things. In a Megical hospital, the patient can relax and count down from 10 to 1 – and momentarily hand over the control of their body to the safe hands of top-level professionals.

Managers and directors

Megical makes safety transparent.

Intuitively easy
― Megical Zero

By setting the reporting threshold lower than ever before and by multiplying the number of occurrence reports we ensure that the treatment happens as planned.


  • The new era of occurrence reports and analyses
  • Can be started quickly without integrations
  • Works without a network connection

Mobile medical record
― Megical One

Forget paper forms and the hard-to-use medical record forms of EHRs’. The right data, in the right place, in the right time – the mobile medical record is a pleasure to use.


  • Tailored content that supports your operations in an individual way
  • Easy identification of staff and patients
  • Works without a network connection

Seamless flow of data
― Megical Wallet

A secure way to ensure that all the relevant information is always available. Even when other systems or networks are not functional.


  • The reliability of paper with the security of a credit card
  • Only the data owner can open access to the data
  • A durable and ecological smart card or bracelet

Everyday success
― Megical Care

Solid transparency for successful care at nursing homes. You choose how openly and widely you wish to utilize information.


  • A transparent general view of the success of daily routines
  • Focus on the quality of the residents’ every day life
  • Possibility to share information with relatives

Tomorrow’s features today

Megical’s roots are in aviation, a sector that has been a forerunner for decades in safety culture and practices.


  • Saving and ensuring the execution of treatment protocols
  • Medical data flows seamlessly between treatment phases
  • Multiplying the amount of occurrence reports
  • Time-saving automatic analysis


  • Mobile, pleasant anaesthesia reports
  • Classic patient interaction with tomorrow’s features
  • Transparent and steerable care
  • Works without a network connection

Megical offers best practices and concreteness.

Megical makes sure that treatment is executed as planned. Our tool guides our customers on a path of continuous improvement. Rather than remaining on the level of speech or training, we offer a concrete path with the relevant tools. Progression cannot be avoided.

More information without extra effort

Megical brings all the required information to the right place, at the right time. The tools ensure that treatment as a process can be executed as planned. The occurrence reporting threshold is set low enough to produce a vastly larger amount of data compared to the current situation. All data produced by the Megical system is visualized in an unprecedentedly useful way.


Constantly usable
― always integrable

There are a multitude of systems already, so why make things more complicated with new ones? The Megical path of development does not require much effort from the IT department. The simplest entrance to the path of development happens without integrations: Megical offers the required mobile devices, bank-level cloud services and content management.

At its easiest, the IT department only has the task of coming up with an intranet password for connecting mobile devices. Once our system becomes more familiar, integrating Megical as part of other systems will offer even more benefits. We at Megical possess a wealth of know-how, so we’re able to minimize the efforts of our customers. If required, Megical can be used with the customer’s own mobile devices by simply installing the Megical app.

Cost-predictable and economical

Megical is a Finnish company that is growing internationally. Our first foreign customer has taken our products into use. We have the best domestic references from the public and the private sector. Finland’s small markets have inspired us to set our product prices on an approachable level.

Megical on carepaths

20 137 Operations
114 781 Checklists
0 Serious patient harms

Pleasant and effortless upgrade

A compliance tool for pacing of care and ensuring quality and safety
Search engine-level speed for occurrence reporting
The best mobile devices on the market
Elegant NFC-chipped or QR-coded wristband for patient identification
Pleasant and modern user interface
Cloud service with bank-level security
Everything works without a network connection
Empathic and professional customer service

Top professionals aim for meaningful jobs.

The Megical team has the possibility to choose. Our skilled staff consists of accomplished professionals with a possibility and a burning desire to do things with an impact on the society.

Mika Pyyhtiä


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Jussi Kajovaara


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Kari Annala

Chief Medical Officer

+358 45 676 0626

Megical – already globally recognized

In the five hospitals of Pohjola Sairaala, the amount of occurrence reports over number of operations made by healthcare professionals has grown by a multitude of 15 (1 500%) in the two years of Megical customership. This leap of development in safety culture is so remarkable that it reached among the top three digital achievements in a major international contest.

(HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Technology Award 2019, “Safety culture reborn by implementing Megical platform”)