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This company is manufacturing software products implementing highest technology. We ship, deliver and execute.

Self sovereign identity is the digital future.

We separate identity both from commercial and government controlled user accounts. No more passwords, multiple identities or identity frauds. Only one high security sovereign identity for all services.


Clínico makes care path management mobile

Clínico is a native mobile app that is integrated to patient information system. All the data during surgery process is recorded flexibly with mobile devices. Both the patient and the professionals are identified with ease.

All our products are implementing first class technology.

HIMSS-Elsevier Technology Award 2019
Easy and secure login and signature
For iOS, Android and browser-based
For personal and shared devices
For mobile devices and desktops
Cloud service with bank-level security
No physical card readers
Empathic and professional customer service

Top professionals aim for meaningful jobs.

The Megical team has the possibility to choose. Our skilled staff consists of accomplished professionals with a possibility and a burning desire to do things with an impact on the society.

Mika Pyyhtiä


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Kari Annala

Chief Medical Officer

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Megical – already globally recognized

HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Technology Award 2019 for Megical customer with title “Safety culture reborn by implementing Megical platform”